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The New Wave - Book on CD

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The New Wave is not a typical how to or what is it marine aquarium book. Basically, this book is a treatise on the function of deep sand bed filters that incorporate a relatively small, confined, water filled open space (a plenum), built-in under a deep sand bed substrate. Relatively recently, deep sand beds, usually including the presence of an infauna that processes waste products to various degrees, have become quite popular for marine reef systems The deep sand bed and the plenum interact though gradual diffusion of water between the two areas and this functions as a biological filter in a closed marine aquarium system. The value of equipping a deep sand bed, biological filter system with a plenum (a modification of the system used by Professor Jean Jaubert at the Monaco Aquarium to culture corals) has been a subject of great controversy among marine aquarists. The New Wave presents the authors theories and rationale to explain why a marine aquarium system with a plenum equipped deep sand bed is functionally superior to other methods of providing biological filtration, including systems with deep sand beds without a plenum. However, although the major thrust of the book deals with the function and construction of plenum-based systems, the last third of the book explores the theoretical interactions and functions of many physical, chemical, and biological phenomena that occur in captive and natural marine environments.

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