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Reef Collection CD-Rom (Revised Edition)


Product Description

Reef Collection CD-ROM - Meet the fascinating creatures of the Living Coral Reef

Two Little Fishies presents a Fisheye View Innerspace Adventure. Reef Collection is a multimedia presentation featuring an abundance of sea creatures, from brightly-colored giant clams and sea stars to delicately ornate cleaner shrimp, crabs, Christmas tree worms and other invertebrate species. For divers, aquarists, marine biologists and those with an appreciation for the magnificent wonders of innerspace, learn how these species interact to create the living reef.

This unique multi-platform CD-ROM contains a breathtaking selection of 163 professional photographs by Rob & Robin Burr, accompanied by an informative and entertaining narration.

This CD-ROM plays on Macintosh, Windows, Panasonic 3DO, Phillips CDi and Kodak Photo CD Players.
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