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Commonsense Guide to Fish Health, A


Product Description

A constant concern among aquarium hobbyists is keeping their fish healthy and active. This book offers all the advice they'll need. It opens with discussion and advice on tank water chemistry?how to control it to produce an optimal environment for aquatic life. Other important topics explored in detail include fish nutrition, recognizing and treating fish diseases, and protecting fish against parasites, as well as bacterial, fungal, and viral infections. In addition to sound advice, readers will find photos, line art, and information on medications to help them maintain a healthful aquarium environment for healthy fish.

Table of Contents:

* Fish Health?The Big Picture
* Water
* Nutrition
* Disease and Dissection
* Parasites
* Bacteria and Fungus
* Viruses
* Nonspecific Illnesses
* Appendix
* Glossary
* Selected Bibliography
* Index
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